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Online Auction to Benefit WinterParkLostPets and Greyholunds in Motion


Winter Park Lost Pets and Greyhounds in Motion are joining forces to raise money to HELP HOUNDS HOME. Greyhounds in Motion transports retired racing greyhounds to forever homes and Winter Park Lost Pets helps reunite lost pets with their homes. Please join us as we HELP HOUNDS HOME while having some SOCIALLY DISTANT fun! Here is the link:

There really is something for EVERYONE in this event. Yes, lots of Greyhound Goodies + items ALL Dogs lovers will enjoy . . . but we did not stop there.

Not a dog person? Maybe you have allergies . . . or you prefer cats . . . NO WORRIES, just shop in our EVERYBODY WANTS IT category

If you live in Central Florida, don't miss the LOCAL category. It's not too early to start your Holiday shopping or buy yourself a special gift. Remember, you have survived more than half of 2020, you DESERVE it!!

We have BUY it NOW, a few raffle specials and traditional auction options.

Funds will support the following:

Winter Park Lost Pets Microchipping Program

Greyhounds in Motion Transportation Expenses

Both 501(c)3 organizations are all volunteer and rely on fundraising and donors. Thank you for checking out our stash and supporting us and we work to get dogs home and keep them there.

Stay Tuned For Our Next Event!

Cofounder and Sponsor

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Shelley Heistand
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Cofounder Executive Director

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Judy Charuhas
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