Found Pet Checklist

Found Pet Checklist


Checklist for returning lost pets to their owners:

Check for owner identification

Check for veterinarian identification/rabies tags

Check for tattoos (common in greyhounds)

If animal has no collar take the pet to your local veterinarian (or one that is listed on website) and have them scan for a microchip

Check for a lost pet listing

List the found pet at (free listing) by clicking on the Post a Found Pet link. You may also print out found pet flyers from your listing.

Look in the area where you found the pet for Lost Pet Flyers

Check the newspaper for lost pet ads

Advertise the found pet in the Sentinel (no charge)

Notify Animal Shelters (listing on Pet Resources Page) 

Checking for Identification

When you find a stray animal always check for any identification. Most commonly, an animal will be wearing a collar with tags. Tags may have the owner's phone number and address.  If no owner information tag exists, look for a phone number stitched or written on the collar.  Call the owner and secure the animal in a yard or other confined area until the owner can retrieve it. Please provide water as it may be dehydrated. If unable to find any owner ID, look for the rabies tag. Rabies tags contain the year, tag number and veterinarian's business name and telephone number.  Call the clinic number and give them the rabies tag and year stamp. Since tag numbers are recycled each year, it is important to give the year and the tag number.  This will ensure that you find the correct owner and pet information. If the animal is not wearing identification, you should look for any tattoos. Tattoos are commonly found on the inside of the ears, on the inside of the hind legs or on the belly.  The hair around the tattoo may be clipped for positive identification. Tattoos are commonly found on greyhounds or retired racing dogs.  An animal without a collar or tag may be microchipped. Microchips are electronic devices surgically implanted in a pet. Special scanners are used to match the pet with its rightful owner. Scanning can be done at your local veterinarians office (Listing is provided on the Pet Resources section of our website).

Check our web site and look for flyers in a 2-5 mile radius of where you found the animal

Check the lost pet listing on  daily for similar animals. Remember as you are checking listings, that people descriptions may vary drastically.  Many breeds and mixed breeds can be misidentified or can be mistaken for another type of breed. Our notes section will be helpful in helping you look for details. If you check a lost listing and the pet could vaguely be the one you found, call and inquire. It doesn't cost you anything and it could possibly make the difference in locating the pet's owner. Also, check the newspaper every day as well. If possible walk around the area where you found the animal and knock on doors to see if anyone recognizes the animal. Look for lost pet flyers located around your general area. If you know the breed, contact the local rescue group and let them know you have found this animal (information on rescue groups provided in the Pet Resources section of our website). 


List the found pet on our website . Listings are FREE and we offer a searchable pet listing. Upload a photo of the pet if possible. You may describe the pet as much as you can in the Notes section of the form. However, keep some detail to yourself as this detail can be used to ascertain the pet belongs to the person claiming it. Also list the pet in the found section of the Orlando Sentinel. Please call 1-800-669-5757 to place your ad. The cost of the ad is FREE for a found pet.  Found pets can be listed free of charge for 5-7 days depending on listing. You can also post flyers in the area the animal was found. Do not post flyers on phone or utility poles, it is A VIOLATION OF THE CITY CODE and you may be fined. Do post at pet stores, local veterinarian clinics, grocery stores, and local shops. A listing of animal control/shelters and local veterinarians are listed on this website in the Pet Resources section. 

Notify the Local Shelters

Shelter and animal control information is listed on this website under the Pet Resources tab. You do not have to report a found animal in person. 

Check in with Local Veterinarians

Call the veterinarian clinics in the area that you found the animal. A list of local veterinarians is provided on this website in the Pet Resources section.

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